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Friday, January 31, 2014

Vanishing Cream?

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Hi gals and guys Julia here! Glancing through my 'Priceline' catalog  that turns up quite often  I noticed for the first time that Ponds are still producing beauty aids.   Perhaps they have been in stock for ages at Priceline, but I'd not noticed them before.   Ponds really do go back a long way and  my  mother (and probably your grandmother - or even great grandmother )would have had them at the ready on their dressing tables!   There were two products (maybe they produced more back in the thirties - that I don't know)   But the really popular creams- and as far as I know there didn't seem to be any other makes, but in the UK and I expect the States there were favourites.    One was a 'Vanishing Cream' and the other a 'Cold Cream'.   The Vanishing Cream was for day use and it was very light and fluffy to put on, and and yes it really did vanish quickly on the skin.   I can remember with Mummy's permission I was allowed to use some -probably before we went out somewhere special!   Surely this was a fore-runner of our wonderful moisturizers.  For night the Cold Cream was reputed to do what all night creams do now, or if one's forebears were daring enough to use say,  a Max Factor foundation it would easily act as a cleanser.  However, if you were in  show business, remember Crow's Cremine to remove stage make-up?   Oh dear! When I was a chorus girl we couldn't afford it - so used liquid paraffin  - God it was awful! The Year of the Horse looms so I'll blog a bit about that tomorrow - have a good Saturday and if in the UK get out the wellies - thinks maybe you need a new pair!    

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