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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shakespeare Manuscript Discovered?

Derek says:

– To the street market at Balmain – or rather, the market in the grounds of a school; as usual enormous mounds of rubbish – really, if ever there was a place where over-optimism rules, it’s one of these markets, where pretty much half of the stuff on offer will never be bought by anyone. Of course from time to time something turns up: a page of the original manuscript of King Lear, say, or a piece of jewellery by Cellini. But by no means every week. However, that DVD one’s always wanted to replace – never. The heat I think probably kept a lot of people away; it wasn’t by any means a bustling scene.
Just read a wonderful long short story by Ruth Rendell, The Strawberry Tree. Note to self: Must read more of her. Otherwise a bit at a loss for reading at the moment - dipped into Tales of the City, but Maupin doesn't wear all that well; those books were so much of their own time . . .

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