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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Full Moon

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Julia speaks! - Hello!  Yes it's Full Moon and that's always worth a chat.   So...  I'm wondering if you didn't sleep as well as usual last night - or maybe that will kick-in tonight?   Be on the look out - its very common.   It's also a really good time to get round to doing all those jobs that for weeks you've been saying 'I must get round to doing that'!     Like giving the kitchen floor a really good make-over or throwing out all that rubbish in your files - paper and computer.  This month  its influence is at its strongest for Capricorns and Cancerians .    This is because the Sun is in Capricorn ( as seen from the earth) and the lovely Moon is exactly across the Solar system in Cancer, so you pair can benefit.    Use the extra energies to your own personal advantage - even if you get a bit tired.  (I'll be filling you in with easy to understand astrological and astronomical info like this from time to time) - Oh yes, and by the way we know our web site is looking extremely old-fashioned even though we think the info is interesting, so we are just negotiating to get it totally redesigned and expect to have lots of pictures from some of our - dare I say it - interesting books.    It's going to be 30 Celsius here today -hot but down in Adelaide its going to hit....46 and 40 at the tennis in Melbourne.   Cheers for now more tomorrow!

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