Saturday, December 5, 2015


Dr Heinz Strabismus, Professor Emeritus of Clinical Pathology at the University of Arnis, Schleswig-Fleisburg, has been made an honorary member of the Australian Party for Freedom after an article published in Die Gute Rassistische Journal
   ‘My admiration for Herr Nicholas Folkes is grenzenlos und ohne Limit’, wrote the Professor. ‘I am not surprised at the admiration in which he is held by all patriotic Australians for his defence of his country. A true Patriot he has rightly earned the respect of all the right-thinking Australians (the so-called  “Dinkum Aussies” as we Germans call them) presently attending our university under the Dr Goebbels Gedenkstipendium scheme, who have kindly collected the funds to enable me to fly to Sydney immediately in order to present myself at the insurrection to be organised at Cronulla to commemorate the celebrated ‘Riot for Freedom’ which took place there ten years ago. Arnis University has allowed me to borrow the celebrated Helmet and Spear of Wotan (Wotans Helm und Lanze) from the Museum of Fascist Thought, to bring with me to parade at the Meeting.’
  With a twinkle in his steel-blue eyes, Professor Strabismus promised: ‘These are symbols only, though should they accidentally come in contact with the head of the schmutzigen linken Verräter [filthy left-wing traitors] I fear there may be bloodshed; however my intentions, like those of the Herr Dr Folkes, will be entirely  unschuldig [innocent] and highly friedlich.’
   While he is in Australia Professor Strabismus says that he ‘hopes to take afternoon tea with Mr Folkes and his very good friend the schöne reine arische Dame Pauline Hanson’, and has brought with him a cake decorated in the Arnis University kitchen with the legend: Mit aller Linke Schweine. [Translation omitted for fear of giving offence: Ed.]
Reference: Die Gute Rassistische Journal (University of Arnis, Vol. xxi, p.7 -  €5).