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Monday, January 27, 2014

Cats, dogs and hysteria

Lost animals causing concern in the street: notices on trees describing a cat-sitter in despair because the cat has disappeared, and its owners of course on holiday – the worst thing that could happen, losing an animal one’s supposed to be looking after; no doubt she’s not to blame, cats being cats; but a sad enough situation. Then this morning a dog gone missing, having got out of the garden, and the owner reasonably hysterical about traffic . . .. Our two got out a year or so ago and raced up the street, across Military Road (perhaps the busiest road in North Sydney) and happily were picked up by a couple of  dog-lovers out for a walk, seeing two dogs off the leash and thinking ‘That’s not right.’ So they collared them and telephoned us. On another occasion they got out when builders left the door and gate open: one went up to the Orpheum Cinema, where presumably he fancied a film; the other was discovered scratching at the door of the local vet’s, trying to get in. But very few things get the heart racing more jumpily than escaped pets.

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