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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Julia has a tip or two for would-be writers!

This blog is an off-spring from
  Hello gals and guys!  I write every day and both Derek and I keep diaries.   We've both done this since well before we met and never bother to read each others.   So if you want to write, whether you are seven or seventy, do start writing a regular diary, or of course, what about a blog?   There couldn't be a better way of developing your work.   Think of it as regular exercise - like ballerinas who slog away at their plies every day.   The other golden rule, especially if you are getting into fiction, is 'write what you know about'.   However, what made me mention this to you is that for once I have had to come out of my 'Comfort Zone' for about a chapter of my family saga.   The career guys are having to decide whether to form a private company or 'go public'.  I did a lot of research and knowing I was entering somewhat uncharted waters for me,  I soon realised I was coming to one or two useful conclusions.    I  discovered quite a few  basic facts and using them is working well. I'm totally avoiding anything risky as then I'd be on thin ice.   In approaching the problem in this way I won't be boring the reader with fussy details, but at the same time I'm not ignoring my characters' reactions.   Incidentally, the cicadas are still in my lemon tree.   I think they are mating - well something of that sort is going on, but with no singing choruses.   Back to the story now and the TV -  it's not very nice weather for glorious Australian day either!

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