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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Derek makes a Genoa cocktail

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Hello Julia here!   Do you like liquorice?    Anise? elderberry flowers?    If yes, that's fine!   If no, don't go near a 'Genoa' cocktail, which has as its base Sambuco with its ingredients as above.   We are great on cocktails and have favourites like 'Negroni', 'Between the Sheets' and so on.   But disaster struck last evening when, experimenting with a new one from our VAST 1000 cocktail recipe book my darling other half created this concoction!   For me it was a horrible experience - so much so that he offered me a Gin and Tonic  to compensate!   Well I stuck with it -  plus a more than usually large helping of Smiths thin chips (crisps to you Brits - quite right too! ) and more than a good handful of cashew nuts.   You have been warned. . .     But then I'm  a Campari addict and I know masses of people who think that's dreadful - no accounting for taste!!

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