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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday was a dogs' day for us!

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Julia here!   Hi gang!   Yesterday (Friday) was a full on dogs day.   This happens about once in two months when we take Fille and Crim our fox-terrier man and wife couple,  up to a place called Luddenham in the Blue Mountains for their terrific beauty make-over.   Our friend Wendy Wouters is a breeder of this type of terrier and is an international groomer who wins stunning prizes all over the world for her work.   (If you're interested look her up on Facebook.)    Fille has her name because she is the daughter of our Fox terrier, Toorak, we brought out from the UK.   He was 14 years old and a virgin.   We had to find someone to make him look as he should - which was not as easy as it seemed  when we first came to Sydney.   Then, when Wendy saw him she noticed he was 'intact' and asked if he'd like to meet one of her bitches.   We knew he would, but quite a few folk said that while he'd perform there would be no sperm because of his age.   Well, the bitch produced four beautiful puppies and hence we have Fille.   Then she was mated with Crim, a show dog who, in his 'modelling' days won first in show over 1,500 dogs, but now they are about eight and extremely youthful and great fun, while Toorak lived until he was pretty much seventeen.     Yes they are really lively, and boy does she put him in his place!   But today, after all the goings on yesterday, they are still very sleepy.   This pair are really good dancers - you should see their pirouettes, but nothing comes up to the late Toorak who played the piano divinely!   Bye for now cheers from Julia!

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