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Monday, January 27, 2014

Julia gets the giggles!

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Hi gang!  Julia here!  I certainly did get the giggles -  I corpsed  - as actors do when filming and simply can't stop laughing.   In fact my corpsing was so bad that when we went to bed the giggles were still catching up on me.    Fearful that Derek might think I was crying (the two sound so similar in the dark at night)  I took a half sleeping pill.   We'd had a nice evening with friends, and another guest told us how he had been reading a book called something like 'The History of the Fork'!   He learned that up to about 300 years ago our upper and lower teeth naturally met on edge, because up to then the food we ate was mostly gnawed -like picking bones.   After that time we started cutting up our food and the top teeth started to naturally rest in front of the bottom ones.   It seems this is not inherited, as the teeth would be like that if we gave a child only food that has to be gnawed.   This change came about 1,000 years earlier in the far East since people ate cut up food that much earlier.      He grinned showing his teeth on edge - my mind bogged and my response was ' thank goodness photography wasn't invented some 300 years ago' - think what it would have done to all those elegant portraits- even although people in those times would  have accepted their toothy grins as normal.   This may not seem very funny-  but try it out for yourselves, and you'll soon see what I mean.

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