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Monday, January 20, 2014

Plastic carriers in Aussie super-markets!

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Hello everyone - Julia here! Everyone of course,  but it's my  fellow Aussie bloggers I'm really contacting today.    Now SURELY here is something where the stupid war of the Supermarkets Woolworths and Coles might just manage a truce!     It's those blasted plastic carriers.   Come on guys! Ireland did it years ago, and did I hear that one of your local rivals has got round to it?  When I see shoppers with as many as nine or ten in their trolleys I very nearly throw a wobbly.   Go on, you two, make the culprits  PAY for the damn things!   As a friendly gesture you just might bring 'Prices Down! Down! Down! when it comes to encouraging customers to purchase those nice strong permanent  bags. Or, for one day why not be really bold and generous and give them away!   To add insult to injury, Woolies now have some really nice pale green plastic bags in useful dispensers at the fruit counters, these are not produced proudly by some Aussie company - but  are imported from the States! - And in our beautifully re-furbished Neutral Bay store, where all good customers return any old plastic bags, they have moved the bin to the far end of the store, rather than where we come up from the car park - such a brilliant incentive - I don't think!

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