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Friday, January 17, 2014

Australian history or summer fashion !

Hi there - Julia here!    For quite a long time I have been writing a family saga which is based on a group of my ancestors who came, from Plymouth England ( my birthplace) and settled in North Sydney some 15 minutes in the car from where we live.   It is covering the ten years from 1882 when the family arrived on Boxing day until 1892.   When time from other commitments permits I have often to do research into certain areas or events during that period and yesterday found me on the net discovering what was going on in the coal mining areas at Newcastle N.S.W. in 1887.  Okay! well that must sound pretty boring, but when what I learned is going to move my story along in another new dramatic development - or story line -  believe you me, it's anything but dull.   One of our 'house rules' with every book we write - be it a big text book on astrology, dreams, travel or any of our novels we aim never to be dull, and thankfully we've never been accused of such dreariness.     Today I am going to wear a lovely new red Veronika Maine cotton sun dress, it's a real honey for this hot weather- she is my favourite Australian Designer - I'm pretty choosy and while I can usually find something I like I do think that many Australian designers are just a bit O.T.T

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