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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Year Ahead for CAPRICORN

For, as they say, 'reasons beyond our control', the year ahead for Capricorn was missed out of our forecasts in January on  Here it is! - with apologies.

(December 22 –January19)
The Year ahead.     Until the end of July an influence from Jupiter is focusing on Capricorns who are into a well-established relationship.   Make the most of this period to further your ties of love and affection and joint interests.    Your ruling planet Saturn is in constructive mood and adding to your practical and common sense attributes.  Uranus will bring interesting new opportunities for all, but in addition, unattached December Capricorns must be aware that due to Neptune’s influence you are likely to become carried away by romance.  Many of you have experienced meaningful changes in recent years, and because of a strong influence from Pluto travelling through your sign, a great deal has happened.   Expect to embrace new developments, situations and opportunities if your birthday falls during the first five days of the New Year.****

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