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Saturday, January 18, 2014

IWe went to a Saturday flea market!

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Hi Julia here!   Yesterday morning I felt rather restless and usually a good window shop or retail therapy in our City Centre works off this kind of feeling.   Instead of the glamour of Gucci, Ferragamo and our favourite department stores, I opted for a flea market about thirty minutes by car on  the other side of the Harbour.   It is large and covers the whole of a school playground and other adjoining sites.   It is full of stalls selling all kinds of stuff - as one would expect.   However, a few things surprised me.   One was several large piles on the ground of what I can only call rubbish - old books, masses of worn out clothes, discarded toys all in considerable heaps.   I wondered if these were waiting to be sorted and added to the stock of someone's stall, or whether they were there waiting for the rubbish pick- up by the council after the market had closed.   Very differently, on quite a few stalls there was fair bit of nice china and glass and actual complete sets of wine glasses, mugs and tea sets.   Usually at markets like this there are  rather forlorn groups of three or for or five - their 'brothers' having  been broken.   So were these items for sale because they were disliked wedding presents, or were they the remains of stock from unsuccessful businesses?   There must have been thousands of dvd's and cd's;  but none either of us wanted.  A row of tempting new  kaftans caught my eye  for a mere A$25 especially as it was a very hot morning, and I nearly bought a nice scent bottle to add to my collection. but the accent was on the 'nearly'!

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