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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The promised recipe!

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Hi everyone Julia here!I hope you made use of the New Moon -and could still do so for a while!   Here's what I promised yesterday but first -
 The Story. 
We have two friends both born in Plymouth England just two days apart, so they are almost what we astrologers call time twins.      One evening Jean invited us to dinner and gave us a stunning dessert.   A few days later we had invited Ray to dinner with us   They are both Aquarians!   After we had enjoyed Jean special dessert Ray rather sheepishly asked me if he could have another helping - adding he never ever asks for seconds of a dessert!     
 Well here we go, and the dish couldn't possibly have any name but  AQUARIUS DELIGHT.  However don't assume that it'll only appeal to Aquarians!!!
 The Recipe     In a sizable fairly flat dish put a generous layer of those lovely green seedless grapes.   Cover them with good double cream and put them in the fridge overnight.  As your guests finish their main course retreat to the kitchen and, taking a tub of vanilla ice cream from your freezer, cover the grapes and the cream with a thick layer of the ice cream.   You now need brown moist sugar (not granulated).   Cover the top of the ice cream with a layer of the sugar, and with the grill on high put the dish under the heat to caramelize it.   It occurs to me that quite a few people don't have grills like the one we use, and I don't think you could put it in the oven, but maybe a blow torch would work okay.  Over to you -happy indulgence!

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