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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A slight headache at the North Pole

What a fuss those of us fortunate enough to be in good health make when anything goes wrong with us. I woke with a very slight headache today, and have been wingeing all morning about it: how dare the cosmos give me a slight headache? What have I done to deserve a slight headache? What a bore it is to have a slight headache. Meanwhile of course resisting the perfectly simple remedy of taking an aspirin. How stupid can humans get? All the same, Bernard Shaw was right: when he met Nansen, the famous explorer, he asked him whether he knew of a cure for a headache. 'No,' said Nansen. Had he ever tried to find a cure for a headache? 'No.' 'Well that is a very astonishing thing,' said G.B.S. 'You have spent your life trying to discover the North Pole, which nobody on earth cares twopence about, and you have never attempted to discover a cure for a headache, which everyone is crying out for.'

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