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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Does your partner snore?

Hi, Julia here!    Well, yes it might have been because of the Full Moon that I was woke up at 2 a.m. our time.   On the other hand, Derek was definitely into his snoring mode - well let's face it, it isn't that loud, but  it is the sort of snore you actually wait to hear the next one!   I have a pet cure which really works.  When your darling starts belting it out, make sure you have a small torch handy and flash it a time or two on his face .   He will stop snoring.   Now he might break out again; if so, repeat the process.   Usually the result is long enough to allow you to get back to sleep.  (Guys, I don't forget that your lovely lady may not be100 percent guiltless).   How was this discovered?   Well,  a few years ago a man in a hospital ward full of other blokes was being kept awake by their persistent snoring, then there was a storm.   He noticed that immediately after a large flash of lightening all their storing immediately stopped.   When I told my friend Rhian this story she tried it on her darling - it worked of course - but she didn't repeat the process, as she was afraid  he'd not wake up again!   This isn't at all true - her lovely Rick is alive and kicking and, presumably still snoring!!!
We just got back from our weekend shop at Woolies ( For the benefit of those who aren't in or know details about Australia Woolworths here is the huge chain of Supermarkets with the equally big deadly rival, Coles.)   Woolworths was I THINK, given that name by a couple of grocers in the 1930's presumably as a sort of 'suck-boo' to the F.W's of that name!   Anyway today I had a find.   Now you Brit expats!!!   Remember  " Hands that do dishes are as soft as your face- with pale green Fairy Liquid?"   Can you imagine  in the early seventies the sales people discussing that title when the opportunity came along to market the product here in OZ?      NO WAY.   Well, this morning looking along the line of hand dish-washing liquids, there it was, in a beautifully designed clear plastic bottle,  labeled 'The original Fairy Liquid' -complete with it's little fairy logo running along in his pristine white nappy???  What fun!   Must stop now - more news soon -Julia

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