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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's the New Moon

This blog is an offspring of

Hi Julia here!     Yes it's the New Moon, when as seen from earth, the Sun and the Moon apear close together.   This month it's in Aquarius and  all you Sun Sign Aquarians have either had or are about to have your birthday, or  as we astrologers call it your Solar Return; because  on your birthday the Sun returns to the precise position it was in on the day you were born.   Interestingly,  so many people say 'Many Happy Returns'  and I do wonder if somewhere along the line -yonks ago - some astrologer started the ball rolling and it took on (just like our blog which is growing very nicely!)   Well, for all of us, as at the time of the Full Moon we tend to get around to jobs we've been shelving or are unfinished, for today and tomorrow this is a good time to start new work or projects, and if your new work has a tinge of originality or is something a bit different for you, that's really good, since you will be picking up some of the Aquarius vibes - they are the individualists of the Zodiac by the way.   I've masses of writing to do now, but look in again tomorrow when I'll tell you a  true Aquarius story and send you a really easy and yummy recipe.  See you again soon then.  Cheers for now - yes I enjoyed the opera too - see Derek's piece - it was great fun- even a very po-faced woman sitting next to me managed to laugh fairly often!!!

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