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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cicadas in Sydney Australia!

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Good morning world! Julia here!  it's 10 am here in Sydney.    Yesterday sitting near our post box I saw a largish insect which obviously had wings and what looked like a scaly hard shell.   Earlier we'd seen a whole lot of them on our little lemon tree,and while I'd not seen one close up before and  I assumed quite rightly it was probably a cicada, though having heard them ever since we've lived here!    Now I know.   It seems that us Sydney-siders are getting a terrific blast of them this year,and Dr Dave Britton says in the Telegraph that they have emerged from their underground dwellings to begin their summer choruses.   It seems that it's not unusual to get large outbreaks like the the one we have at present, but they only occur in the order of ten to fifteen years intervals. I wonder if the same kind of 'vibe' has also encouraged the similar huge outbreak of fleas on dogs which is making for great business for the effective but very expensive 'Frontline' cure for those little nasties.!  

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