Wednesday, April 30, 2014

News about our daily astrolgical column!

Hi Gals and Guys.   We're thrilled to bits   The first of our daily astrology columns are on the net, and  looking good.   If you need to access them go to    If you're expecting something serious or a little daily 'sermon' it's not for you; but we think you'll find it pretty amusing and fun.   I'm all for encouraging  people to enjoy their astrology -of course all the serious work going on all over the world is  more than marvelous, but we feel that the lighter side of astrology should be enjoyed and  that  while all Julia's comments are astronomically and astrologically accurate -and how- we are producing something very different and original from the run-of-the mill dailies.   We'd be delighted to see if you agree with us.   Now Julia has to get back to writing the interpretations for June. . .  'Bye for now - from a busy Julia

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