Monday, April 28, 2014

Look forward to a lively sexy weekend!

Hi - Julia here again.   As well as the Eclipse today, very soon ( I mention all this in good time to get you in the right mood and to give you time to decide how you want to use what the solar system is getting up to.) on Sunday in fact, the planet of love -  Venus - as if you didn't know - goes into Aries.   Venus isn't supposed to be at her best in Aries -  but I don't believe that.   You see Aries is a an energetic sign and that energy is often best expressed between the sheets.   So put Venus alongside and you'll get her romantic influnce too.    She's in this kind of mood until the 29th of May so you've time to express yourselves.   Be experimental and make the most of this very general, but such fun, influence.     Here's another snippet:over the weekend Mercury  is quite busy too, so he will add to our powers of communication   - great for outings with friends or working on the social media; but of course, your seductive words will have the desired results.   One more Note:  from the first of May and for every day, we are starting our new lively daily forecast.   Each day will be changed at GMT 00:00 hours - so wherever you live you'll be able to read it. The 'If it's your birthday today'   paragraph is worth keeping an eye on when your birthday comes round. At the moment this is an experiment   We will want-feed back in due course.   The fact that it is going to be so different will increase its appeal - well, we think so anyway!   Bye for now - Julia!

NB - Our new daily forecasts are available now at 

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