Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our exciting and entertaining new daily predictions!

Hi guys and gals !   We are getting excited about the beginning of our new daily predictions, which you can find from May 1st on   yes that's the right spelling-  eccentric though it is - well, we're Brits so I guess that's the reason!   I'm sure you will find my suggestions as I'm calling them really very different from any other dailies you might have come across.   These are upbeat and fun, I'm hoping that many of them will make you smile somewhat wryly, and inwardly know that elements of truth are there - good and strong!   You see, I never, ever write anything astrological which doesn't relate to pure planetary astrological or astronomical facts, and I think this will soon become clear as you get used to my new style of work   Nothing comes off the top of my head.   That's way I interpret - with more yonks of experience than I care to remember. Incidentally that goes for whether I am writing my upbeat dailies, my huge or smaller books or the personal the work I do for my clients.   All this is based on the wonderful discipline of astrology which I'm sure you know is extremely old indeed. 
 My monthly work ends on the 21 st of April and there will be a notice telling readers about the changes until the 1st of May - when I burst forth in a very different style which I hope you'll like and enjoy because I've always felt that astrology should be fun as well so enormously helpful!    Cheers for now -  always Julia!

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