Saturday, May 3, 2014

Astrologer on holiday? - try a male virgin

If your astrologer is away, there's a simple substitute. Send out and about for an onychomancer. First s/he will need a male virgin - for some reason it only works with one of them, and you may have to search for a while. Then s/he will put a little oil (best virgin olive) on his fingernails and examine them. The fingernails on which symbols appear will indicate the nature of coming events, while their whereabouts on the nail will allow the practitioner to date them. You may have a liyttle difficulty in finding a really good onychomancer - the last one was recorded in Babylonia c.3759 BC, and left no telephone number or email address. It's also possible you may have to supply your own male virgin (how's the boyfriend doing?) Nevertheless keep the idea in mind for a rainy day.

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