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Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh those alpacas!

Hi gals and guys!     Oh I have fallen madly in love with the alpacas!   We have been to the Sydney Royal Easter Show and while I've always thought they were so nice  - now I'm totally smitten.   These days they have their own Pavilion and it's not surprising, since I learned  that in 2000 there were some 26, 000 here in Australia and  now there are 400,000!   ( Yes no miss typing here.)   The wool is unbelievably soft and I have a fantasy that if ever we became country rather than city types - most unlikely -  I would have to have a couple in my paddock!     Then, rather like the medieval ladies we sometimes see in tapestries leading their tamed unicorn  on a long lose lead, I would do that with one of my darlings and take him - or her -  'walkies' to the village shop. . . .  Their expressions and wonderful eyes are fascinating and they obviously have very different personalities and one can choose one's favorite colour.     Heigh ho!   I think I'll stick to my two lively and adorable fox terriers, Crim and Fille, who had a day at the vets while we waxed  lyrical over the alpacas - and lots of other animals too!   Cheers for now have a great Saturday -  always Julia

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