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Monday, April 28, 2014

Eclipse! Doom!! Doom!!!

Because they can easily be seen from earth, solar and lunar eclipses have always been popularly regarded as important astrological events - but they have been given more more importance by lay people than by astrologers, no doubt because they appeared in ancient times to be magical interferences with the natural order of thing and the great lights in the heavens. In time, and especially after the invention of printing and the publication of almanacs, astrologers were able to explain how eclipses occurred, and thus divest them of their 'magical' reputation.
A lunar eclipse - an eclipse of the Moon - always occurs when the Moon is full. It is generally recognized, even by non-astrologers, that at the time of a full moon mankind seems to be under special psychological pressure, and this will be exacerbated when there is a lunar eclipse. The drama of a total solar eclipse is an unforgettable experience, and the ancient view of it as signalling significant disaster is not at all surprising.Astrologers continue to regard eclipses in general as malevolent when they appear in a personal birth-chart, in particular if they occur on a degree of the horoscope conjunct the Sun.
 Hi - Julia Here! Today we have a partial solar eclipse and here in Australia we will get a good view.   Probably lots of other locations will see it too.  PLEASE  DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITH YOUR NAKED EYES  - even the strongest sunglases won't help.   I suggest you look on the net to find safe ways.   You don't want to go blind do you? - bou really will if you don't get the right protection - TRUE.   Now go on to see my proper blog for today - all you lovers  - especially if you enjoy a bit of 'hump-pumpy'. . . .

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