Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your (sex) life in the stars?

How much can astrology tell someone about their sex life - how much can it help to solve problems? The wide interest in sexuality which began to be frankly expressed in the second half of the twentieth century led to consider speculation about how far astrology can discover indications of sexual orientation or preference, or can be used to help solve sexual problems. But this is nothing new: one of the earliest horoscopes to have survived, from about two hundred B.C., suggests that the subject will 'die of excessive love-making', while in Elizabethan times both William Lilly and Simon Forman were extremely frank in recording and discussing their clients' sex lives - and in Forman's case energetically participating in them. Individual astrologers have been as successful or unsuccessful in dealing with their clients' sexual difficulties as with any other area of their lives. There have been few statistical studies that have attempted to discover significators of, for instance, paedophilia, sadism, masochism; perhaps predictably  attempts to discover any reliable information of homosexuality have been based on studies of the charts of individuals (in one early case, the charts of Oscar Wilde and Tchaikovsky) and have revealed only that the charts of such men and women are as individual and as difficult to read as those of heterosexuals!

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