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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New astrology news - you're going to love it!!

Hi! well, yes, certainly new news! For years we've been publishing on our web site,, a regular column of astrological forecasts.  If you haven't seen this - give us a try! For all you lovely regulars who have been following our regular monthly horoscopes on our web site for what will probably have been ages, we are starting something new and very different, and in due course we will want your feedback. As you know up to now we've put the new forecasts for the month on the site on the 21st of each month. Now, on that date is going to be publishing   A DAILY FORECAST    Now, it's not  going to be like anything else on the Net - it will be quite different and great fun, and yes, of course you will learn quite a lot about yourselves and what the planets are getting up to for you and your your sign, and sometimes a bit more! There will be good information, and great fun.   Astrology exists to be enjoyed; that's something that Julia always bears in mind - in addition to the help and personal development which its most important and wonderful function.   So on the 21st when you turn to our astrology page, expect to blink, but when you get to your sign you'll smile and perhaps, too, have considerable food for thought!  I'll be reminding you of all this from time to time during the next few days.   So in advance we're sending all you new fans a specially warm welcome!    From Julia (Sun sign Leo, Moon in Taurus)  and Derek (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sun sign Gemini Moon in Pisces)

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