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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well, you see it was like this. . .

Hi, Julia here!   Yes it was just like this. . .   At the time I was still living with parents in our home city of Plymouth England and I was - as were all my friends - active members of a really terrific Arts Centre, which was housed in an Elizabethan House in the historic area of the City.    The word got round that our local newspaper, The Western Morning News, had a new drama critic, and for several weeks my friends kept asking me if I'd met him.   Everyone else seemed to - but not me.   On Saturdays we served afternoon teas and we were on a rota of helpers.   My turn came round and after I'd finished my duty, one of my friends nudged me and said 'Look that's him!'   He was sitting on a slightly higher level of the lounge, leaning forward in his chair in animated conversation with someone - I don't know who, but I clearly remember he was wearing a dark green polo neck sweater. Later that evening we got to know each other, and he seemed a really nice guy.   We went our separate ways.   A few days later I got a letter from him asking me if he could borrow a long playing record I happened to mention I had, as he wanted to write a piece about the composer.   I at once recognised that this was a pretty brilliant opening gambit, so grinning and thinking that it could be rather fun, of course I said yes, and we met up  for me to deliver it....   Well, that first encounter was on April the 2nd 1955. . .    We have been married nearly  fifty-seven years.   I am beginning to plan a celebration for that date next year!!!  . . . I suppose it must have been something like that wonderful number from South Pacific!!!   'Bye for now  - cheers Julia.

Note: Why did I let this woman only my blog? D.P.

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