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Monday, April 21, 2014

More news about our astrological dailies!

Hi everyone - we are already getting interest in our dailies and are taking our plans a bit further.   We have decided to put each day on the net at 00.00 GMT.  We think that's about fair for most time zones, though it will be a bit later in the day for you Kiwis- but not so late that you'd find it useless!      We've been enjoying the young Royals' visit, and so has everyone else it seems, and while I'm sure they'd never show it -  they don't seem to be bored either!   So now Derek and I follow in their footsteps as we're going to the huge Easter Show tomorrow (23rd April), which I've already enthused about.   It will be terrific but I dare say that some of those more elaborate cakes - or 'sugar work' will have tended to topple over by now!   Cheers -always Julia   

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