Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hitler and astrology

Gossip has always asserted that Hitler had an interest in astrology, and even employed astrologers. There is no evidence to support this, and his table-talk doen't include any reference to the subject. However, it is clear that a number of Nazi ministers and officials of the Third Reich were closely associated with astrologers, and it is certainly the case that many German astrologers cast Hitler's birth-chart and wrote about it. The one substantiated anecdote about Hitler and astrology comes from the diaries of Count Schwerin von Krosigk, Hitler's Minister to Finance. Josef Goebbels, the Reich's chief publicist, was with Hitler in the bunker in Berlin in the last days of the war, and showed the Fuhrer copies of the horoscopes of Germany and Hitler's own horoscope, pointing out that these had predicted the outbreak of war in 1939, the victories until 1941, and then a series of defeats. But it was also clear that they showed an overwhelming victory for Germany in the second half of April 1945, and an arranged peace in August. Later, when Goebbels heard of the death of President Roosevelt, he went to Hitler with a bottle of champagne and proclaimed, 'My Fuhrer, I congratulate you! It is written in the stars that the second half of April will be the turning point for us. This is Friday, April 13th - it is the turning point.' Within a fortnight both men had killed themselves and Germany had surrendered.

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