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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A different bed every night

Everyone complains about how fast time seems to pass; and the older one is the greater - and more justified - the complaints. My view is that it's routine that is the main bugbear. You start cleaning your teeth, and you think 'I seemed to do this an hour ago', or go to do the weekly shop, which you seemed to have done only a couple of days ago. Is the answer, then, to break the routine? We all know how long the first two or three days of a holiday seem to last - but then, as you get used to the new routine: swim at ten o'clock, cocktail at six, deckchair and a book at half-past two, slowly the days speed up until the last three or four pass in a zip. What's the solution? Was it in Graham Greene's Travels with my Aunt that Mr Visconti in old age bought a villa near Venice with eighty rooms, and slept in a different one every night? That would certainly break the monotony - might even make life seem to pass rather too slowly!

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