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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Astrology: news about Venus

Hi - Julia here! Yes, Venus is usually news-worthy, and until the 3rd of May is traveling through Pisces - lucky old Pisces  While the planet may not necessarily put you into a more romantic mood than usual, her influence is usually cheering and positive.   If you've love-life problems you should at least be able to look at them from a somewhat different angle; and if you are blissfully in love - that's terrific.   However, knowing you Pisces types, it's all too easy for you to drift up to cloud nine wearing rose-coloured spectacles!   Enjoy your feelings and express them positively, but don't go overboard!   Venus also has a say with regard to money and possessions.   The warning here is do think twice before lashing out with anything seriously expensive that you might well tire of all too soon - like a wildly fashionable outfit that's uncomfortable to wear anyway!   Or more importantly, don't lend money to a lover or friend who later on will say it was a gift (Watch Judge Judy!)  As we always consider the opposite sign across the Zodiac, you Virgos (The Pisces polar sign) can take note of all this, and see if your partner is responding to you in a kind of nice, romantic, but possibly  as you see it, in an over-sentimental way - especially when you have lots of other things to do!   Enjoy all this.  'Bye for now - Julia

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