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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Do you grow Ginger plants"

 Hi Julia here, and for us it's well into Sunday morning.   We don't have a garden as such - just a nice patio but like all good gardeners, tidying up jobs and what even seem to get done on Sunday mornings.   Today we've had a blitz on our ginger plants!   It all started about five or six yeas ago when visiting our Garden Centre.   There it was a weary, wan-looking plant looking as if it was on its last roots!   I felt sorry for it and while I have a golden rule not to buy anything tired in Garden Centres, I broke my rule and we planted it in the one long bed that stretches the whole  length of our patio.   It soon cheered up and started making a nice exotic green background to our  sandstone wall.   It went on thriving and getting bigger and without encouragement spread quite a lot, but it didn't bother me.   Then just as I was getting a bit bored with it suddenly with enormous surprise all the ends of the long sprays of leaves burst forth into the most beautiful  blossom   I had no idea this was going to happen - remember I'm a Brit, and while I know exactly what to do and expect from loads of European plants (Don't forget to dead-head the roses if you want more roses!)  I'm quite the  novice when it comes to the semi-tropical ones I now take care of, and I do get nice surprises.   However   the old saying you have to be cruel to be kind sprung to mind as we started getting busy cutting back thick, thick quite woody stems with heavy leaves all about six or eight feet high!  Now the slighter shorter, greener ones are doing their stuff and I'll be looking out come Southern Hemisphere Spring (September, October and from then on) when those glorious blossoms burst forth again.   But be warned they do tend to take over! Bye for now - have a nice Sunday, and why not go over to and read your daily forecast !  (PS I hope all you Geminis are having fun)

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