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Monday, May 12, 2014

Be prepared for the sexiest Full Moon of the year. . .

Hi, lovers and sex fiends!    Yes, I'm sure you'll  like to know that tomorrow, the 14th of May, is just what it says up there.   This Full Moon involves the Sun in sensual Taurus opposite the Moon in ultra-passionate Scorpio - so everything's up to you - especially to you lovely, beautiful Taurus types and you passionate, dynamic, smouldering, intense Scorpios.    There's a prevailing atmosphere to tomorrow and the next day which the rest of us - or all of us - can tune into, using use the strong energies in any way we like - in the bedroom or on the kitchen table - whichever turns you on!   Remember, it's a good time at which to motivate action to clean the house or to get round to doing all those things - interesting or dull and boring - we've been shelving for far too long.   Having observed my suggestions here, the time is also  perfect for you to bring up for our website (note: no 'w' in parkeriters)  then click on forecast and see what I suggest for today.   If you're amused, why not get into the habit of viewing  my  suggestions every day? -  I hope they're fun - and remember 'there's many a true word spoken in jest'  

Happy Full Moon!

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