Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We've had somelovely unusual exhibitions. . .

Hi Guys and Gals - AS one would hope from a big thriving  city there's a always a lot going on, and at the moment we are a bit overwhelmed.   We've the magic light festival, the art biennale, the writers' conference; but D and I have been really enthralled in the last few days for a special fair and a more than stunning exhibition.   The fair was an antiques fair but with a difference, it was entirely   dedicated to things art deco.  We had stunning extremely chic and indeed comfortable looking furniture, loads of vintage clothes, masses of gorgeous clocks, ornaments - usually of lithe boys and girls showing their strength - and also a good collection of electric table lamps. Pottery came off well with Clarisse Cliff ( Derek hates that!)  and many others, the whole collection - was so colourful.   I thought back to the seventies when it would have been shock horror  and a total thumbs down.   Our other outing was part of Derek's birthday celebrations.   If you happen to live somewhere where the lovely TV series called Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries were screened, you'll be so envious.   We here, and recently in Melbourne, have been thrilled with an exhibition of the most glorious costumes from the shows.  If you've not seen any of them,  they are around on DVD's, they're great fun and oozing with style.   The glamorous lady detective never appears in the same dress twice and what a collection of dead accurate late twenties early thirties costumes they are!  One whole room was devoted to her hats.   Some of the dresses were made of fabric from the period  and there was even a collection of evening bags.   That's it for now  -  enjoy my forecasts -  the scene is fairly lively at the moment so go, go, go!   cheers Julia

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