Thursday, May 8, 2014

Come to Australia - this is worth checking out!

Hi, guys and gals.  The latest invitation to visit us here was launched a day or two ago by the Tourist Board and other worthy experienced specialists, and I think it's worth spreading the news   I didn't know, and maybe you didn't either, that Australia is only just behind France in the pecking order for wines and food?.   The wines speak for themselves - the range is vast, and has something for everyone's palate.  The food scores so high because  of ample supplies of fantastic produce of fruit, vegetables and meat.  The local foodies, and of course tourists, really do very well here - especially when they ignore run-of-the-mill fast-food outlets - though there are some companies that actually do produce good stuff.   Oh, yes -and I can say this because we're Brits living here and not Aussie born - the guys and girls really are a stunning lot, so when you come you'll not find it difficult to make new friends and enjoy good company whilst digging into the fantastic food and wines.  Remember once you do come you'll do your darndest to come back  - as we did!-  and now we've chalked up almost 12 years of living in glorious Sydney. . . Cheers for now, and I hope that you're beginning to enjoy and possibly wryly smile at my fun daily astrological forecasts -  reached at

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