Saturday, May 17, 2014

Julia and Derek enjoyed Saturday afternoon!

Hi guys and gals - Julia here!   See that picture of the rather odd nude couple on a Vespa in Derek's blog: we both think it's splendid but what I found really amusing was that the sculptors are representing masculine and feminine in the portrayal of their delighftul figures. What we learned from the gallery owner was the couple - who have a large output of a great many designs in various sizes  (the couple at tea, taking photographs of each other and so on) have been able to give up their respective day jobs, and are in a position to concentrate on their sculpture.   I think this is wonderful, and particularly in this day and age.   What almost brought tears to our eyes was when we saw the couple on the Vespa it reminded us of our honeymoon, taken in France on a Vespa, and in those days on the Continent, girls were allowed to ride side-saddle - not so when we got back to the UK - we were chased by several police cars!!!   I wonder if this couple who use incidents in their lives to inspire their sculptures, and ourselves have something very personal in common! Bye for now Julia.

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