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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Just to keep you up to date re forecasts.

Hi, blogger mates!  Julia speaks! I have been neglecting you in the last few days and I'm sorry about that but I have been really busy interpreting what the planets are getting up to during June.  Now all that's in the can, and obviously after the end of May my June suggestions will start to appear.  However now while of course I am as busy as ever, I'll be sending you messages about. . .  well anything that really interests me and what I think might  interest you.   Autumn hit hard on Saturday when although we were supposed to have 17 Celsius the wind chill factor was more than dreadful.   I think it was coming up from Antarctica.  We had to go over to the lovely Nicholson Museum in Sydney Uni (Actually to see a screening of some wonderful rare movies about ancient Rome dated from1908  - yes that's the right date)   All fascinating.   There was a very grand wedding going on in the Quad.   The bride and all the women guests were decked out in their late Summer finery and were absolutely frozen.  The weather's been so wonderful up to then. . .but, you see, even with a proper climate like Sydney, one has to cope with the unexpected.     It's before 10 am Monday as I write this.   The sun is back, the sky is a  wonderful shade of blue and we can expect 21 Celsius - so later we'll be on the patio with an ice cream.  Then for me, my wonderful one-to-one Monday afternoon Pilates. . .    Cheers   Julia!,

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