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Monday, May 26, 2014

I appeal to the chair!

Goodness, what a waste of time and energy committee meetings are when there isn't a good chairman! One yesterday went on, and on, and on - 45 minutes in we were still on item two on the agenda, and everyone was talking at once; I'm afraid I thumbed the table. The chairman is an extremely hard worker, and a great guy, but insists that 'everyone should have their say . . .' Well, yes; but not again and again and again. I had to leave after two hours and the agenda was still tottering . . . Mind you, there can be problems in the other direction. When I was first chairman of the UK Society of Authors, yonks ago, there were great complains from committee members who had come down from Edinburgh for the meeting, and it only lasted forty minutes. They wanted a good six hours chatter. Oh, well, somewhere in the middle, then, I guess . . .

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