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Monday, May 19, 2014

Be prepared all you Geminis!

Hi Everybody - Julia here!   Just to say that the Sun moves into Gemini tomorrow, and it's time you Geminis should be beginning to consider how you can make the most of the coming four weeks.  It's good to do something special or particularly interesting at this time, and if it becomes a challenging project so much the better - you'll have given it a good kick start. For the rest of us - well, don't be surprised if you fall into a flirty mood, or if you suddenly find yourselves doing two or three things  at once! It'll be just a bit of the Gemini Sun egging you on. Above all make an effort to have a bit more fun than usual - and if you've a Gemini friend he or she will like that!   Friendly fun and lively pre-Gemini greetings - Julia!

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