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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Pope's astrologer

Well, not the present Pope - unless he's keeping it extremely quiet. But many popes have had a strong interest in astrology, seen no reason to suppoose it is the world of the devil, and used it in various ways. Sixtus IV was himself a noted astrologer, while Pius II accepted it at least to the extent that he imprisoned a man for predicting his death (the astrologer, as it turned out, was correct). Paul III was particularly enthusiastic and his court became a positive university for astologers, headed by Luca Gaurico, who would specifiy the precise moment when important works (such as the laying of the foundtion stone of a new church) should be undertaken. Alexander IV commissioned the artist Pinturicchio to paint mythological astrological scenes in his private rooms in the Vatican, including a portrait of hermes. Adrian IV, the only English Pope, Julius II and Leo X were also either enthusiasts for the subject or at the very least encouraged astrologers to make predictions relevant to themselves and their times. The Catholic Encycopaedia has a long article on astrology, which makes excuses for the popes' interest.

-          from Parkers’ Encyclopaedia of Astrology (Watkins, ISBN 978-1-905857-71-5
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