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Thursday, March 6, 2014

'See me dance the polka' (said Mr Wag, like a bear).

Spent a very interesting hour today discussing a possible identity theme for Fine Music, the classical radio station for which I work, here in Sydney (you can hear i on,au wherever you are. We are all rather tired of repeating and repeating 'This is Fine Music 102.5', and the idea  is to record a short 30-second or so theme, played on various instruments - a quartet - piano - who knows eventually even an orchestra - which we can just drop into the output ad lib., and which with any luck will at last become well-known enough to identify the station to listeners. One of our presenters, Michael Field, a doctor who used to play I think viola in the Sydney Doctors' Orchestra, has composed a delicious little theme, so we are making a few recordings and putting the whole thing about to see (or hear) what people think. I think it's probably a good idea: but it means getting the right theme together. I think we have it. Meanwhile I'm trying to devise a theme to replace the well-worn rater lugubrious one which introduces our Drive programme at 16.00 (NSW time)   So far I've come up with the polka from Walton's Facade and the Rondeau from Poulenc's Les Biche. We shall see.

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