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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is the public a ass?

With a clear blue sky and wonderful early morning night over Mosman Bay I decided to take the recently acquired new little JVC HD camera for a walk, and did a little filming around the harbour and Cremorne point. But, hey damn and blast all camera manufacturers for phasing out the ‘peep-hole’ through which you can frame shots, and replacing it with the folding screen which, the moment there is any kind of light behind you, shows absolutely nothing. This is true of course with still cameras as with cinĂ©. They manufacturers will say, of course, that they are giving the public what it wants, which may or may not be true (if it is, then the public is a ass). How on earth are you supposed to frame shots properly without being able to see the shot you’re framing? There was a great potential shot of a group of about thirty canoe-ers crossing the harbour, but it really needed to be framed properly; of course, with the sun behind me I could see nothing on the blasted, useless screen, so the shot was botched.  At least with some cameras (my small Leica, for instance) you can buy at great extra expense an attachment which provides the ‘peep-hole’, but I don’t think these are available for many miniature cinĂ© cameras, if any. Oh, dear, it does make me angry!

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