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Friday, March 7, 2014

Great cities of the world - number one.

Walking the dogs, I'm impressed again and again with the astonishing variety of delightful small houses within a couple of square miles of ours, here in Mosman: no rows of identical buildings, but an endless variety of individual bungalows, even small villas, each with its own characteristics - and indeed positions; some have steps leading down to what seems an almost underground house, thickly veiled by greenery; some are perched up on a little knoll and looking out over the harbour - one, nearby, is up on stilts perched on the edge fo a cliff, and looking about to do a high dive. The much more 'grand' houses, each costing well over $2M, are further out, but again each very different to the one next door - from enormous Victorian/Edwardian mansions to interestingly-designed modern houses. It's a great district - called, incidentally, a 'city' - what would be a borough in London is a city here! - in which to live.

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