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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A very unexpected flower.

Hello again !   Derek and I had a surprise this morning.   Having our eleven o'clock flat white coffee on our patio in the Sun, I almost made D spill his when I noticed that one of our three really very big yuccas had burst forth with  a huge white blossom.  We can't see it from quite a few angles but have a good view from the street - we live on one of Sydney's many hills.  It is stunningly beautiful, and we've never had one flower before. Coming from England, although we know about roses, lilies, daffodils and what have you, having  sub-tropical plants here gives us surprises from time to time.   We have far too much in the way of ginger plants and thought them a bit boring until  at Christmas 2012 they too blossomed - totally unexpectedly for us with such beautiful and very detailed flowers.  I guess it's all another little part of the fun of moving down to Latitude 33 South!  Oh! by the way, my poor friend  Rhian hasn't found her purple wellies but her darling Rick has taken her to Paris for five glorious days to cheer her up!! 'Bye for now Julia!

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