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Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's Full Moon Time!

Hello everyone - Julia Here!   Yes it's Full Moon time.   So during the last night or two have you not slept as well as usual?     Probably after tonight you'll be back to normal.  But today (Sunday 16th) you'll be getting down to all those jobs you've been putting off, maybe saying to yourself 'Oh yes,I'll do that!' and it won't be nearly as irksome as it usually is - even of you really don't like that particular task!   I hear from brother Paul that Spring is definitely arriving in the UK,and he said that he and Pat have already been busy in their garden, so why not use your Full Moon energy to go oil the lawn mower or grab any hint of weed before it takes hold.   To be a bit more specific the Full Moon is hitting Pisces and Virgo.   So now you Virgo types, you'll achieve a lot if you don't get too critical of your partner or family, and remember more haste less speed.    While you Pisceans, maybe nursing a hangover if you've been celebrating your birthday,  but know you'll get the best of your special Full Moon energies if you don't dither around spending too much time deciding what to do or simply not getting those energies going.  It's also a good time for both of you types for exercise and  get particular pleasure, benefit and results from your workouts, and that goes for all of us too, to a lesser extent.    Mind you, yesterday (and the time coming up to Full Moon is more important than most people realise)   I was extremely busy going through old files, sorting books for a charity sale and generally clearing out, making space in my little study, so let's see what the Full Moon energies will do for me today.   ( at the moment I've one hell of a computer problem but  I daren't fiddle with that and make it worse!   Fingers crossed)

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