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Monday, March 24, 2014

I've been thinking about pirouettes - and other Astrological things!

Hi   Everyone - dancers in particular!   There are those amongst us who have no problems with pirouettes as they throw themselves confidently into multiple turns after a sensible preparation.. Watching programmes like 'So You Think You Can Dance'  these spectacular steps seem more and more to becoming the norm - which is marvelous; however most dancers have at least one movement which causes problems and mine was indeed the dreaded pirouette.   Anything more than a double, and yours truly was in trouble!  Recently I've been talking about and do a little work on them with a dancer who has had to stop work with the Australian Ballet to recover  from a back injury.   According to my wonderful  late teacher - Andrew Hardie - it is a question of coping with the pressures of gravity, so the taller you are the more you have to work.  (A beautiful, tall dancer from the Royal Ballet was above average height and could only manage doubles).  But I've had a psychological line of thought.  I always found en dedans easier than en dehors.   When performing en dedans the dancer is turning towards his or  her body - and is perhaps psychologically in a sort of protective mode -  she or he may feel safer, though not consciously  realizing it. Whereas in the en dehors movement the dancer is coping with the 'great out there' - the unknown' if you like -  and so is vulnerable. It's actually expressing in movement introversion and extroversion. If you go along with  this possibility, give it some thought - it could bring a new perspective to  help you resolve a pirouette problem  - that is if you have one!

And now for something quite different!
 Astrological tip for Pisces and Virgo types!

Until about the 5th of April  Mercury is traveling through Pisces.    Good for you, Pisces!  The chances are that you'll have at least one really inspired and brilliant idea, so don't shelve it but don't rush into expressing it prematurely.   Think it through and you'll not go far wrong.  But remember that generally you can be somewhat forgetful especially when being inspired by other thoughts!  As for you Virgos,  you can get help from Mercury but it's possible  that you might find yourselves getting a bit impatient or in something of a tizz, so you need to cool it - something not easy for you busy-busy types, but if you go in for steady planning you'll get help from Mercury too, as he is the ruling planet of Virgo anyway.    Puzzled because I'm only talking to Pisces and Virgo types? Hang about a bit your turn will come and I'll soon explain soon  so that everybody will know why I chose these two signs today!

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