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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

At last news about Crim and Fille!

Derek and I have just realized that we don't think as yet we've mentioned Crim and Fille, but if we have then we hope you'll not be bored.   They are man and a wife fox terriers.   Way back in 2002 we brought Toorak,  our previous fox terrier here and he only had four weeks in quarantine.   After we'd been  in Sydney a few weeks, he needed a a good hair cut.   We took him to the local pets beauty parlour and having provided photos of what he should  should look like, unfortunately he came out doing his best - or worst- to look like a schnauzer!   Quite awful   We looked up fox terriers specialists on the net and found the lovely Wendy Wouters up at Luddenham, in the Blue Mountains. (see her on Facebook!)   She's internationally known - oh, all those prizes for grooming - and adores her foxies.    Toorak, now trimmed properly, looked exactly as he should, but she said 'I see he's intact - would he like to visit one of my ladies?' We agreed of course, but he was fourteen and skeptics said that even although he'd 'do it' - not enough sperm.   All quite wrong   His lady friend produced four lovely puppies.   And so we have Fille (French for daughter, of course).   She in turn had a puppy by Crim, a truly  handsome guy who'd won first in show in Perth over1,500 other dogs. So - Mr and Mrs Crim.   Well,  last night we had a bad storm here in Sydney.   Crim is more sensitive than Fille, who couldn't care less, and started to play up as he always does.   She, in sympathy,barked like blazes.   I got up  and from about 12.30 a.m. until nearly 2 a.m., remembering  that distraction is the best antidote to all the tail-down shaking and general fear,  I  filled a basin with their breakfast food, which is in solid small bits, and started throwing the goodies in all directions over the lounge and kitchen.   The treasure hunt was most successful and they had a really great time.   Once the storm was over they were tired, thank goodness. It is really a splendid fun way of treating what is a very distressing time for dogs, or possibly cats who suffer in this way.

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