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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh those terrific Australian Dancers!

Hello people!    We're having some stunning TV at present - that is if you're at all grabbed by fantastic Dancing.   We're right into another series of 'So You Think You Can Dance, Australia, and good grief they can!   Our top twenty - from last evening down to eighteen- are so versatile and it's really only the odd Urban dancer who has a slight problem when it comes to an elegant ballroom routine.  They compare easily favourably with the American dancers and are quite as strong; and - as happens from with certain numbers, they are able to move the judges to tears, like last night! My two favourites, will I hope, go a very long way.   There's Stephen who seems to have every discipline at the ready, and who for some totally unknown reason, was in the bottom three as far as the public voting was concerned.  That surely must have been a fluke and of course he wasn't eliminated.  Obviously Australia's favourite dancer is the question asked, but think again if you're into voting.   My top favourite is Maddie who has an enormously strong ballet background -always the very best starting point in my opinion (remember the first Australian winner some years ago? she was, and I assume still is, a lovely ballerina?)   Maddie's pointe work is breath-taking, and she is able to use it when working on Contemporary and Jazz routines which really makes me gasp, as I feel her every movement.   The only other time I remember being so gob-smacked by such strong pointe work was a Bolshoi Ballerina did a series of breath-taking pas de chat 'en pointe' right across the Covent Garden stage!   And if ever you've donned the beautiful looking and much longed for pointe shoes you'll know what I mean.  ' Bye the way if you are a really splendid tap dancer you could find pointe work difficult,   You see, for tap we need strong but very flexible ankles and the reverse for pointe work.    And for UK blogger fans, I know you got various dance competitions but, I assure you none of them come you to SYTYCD.   Sad that, especially as the series creator and wonderfully helpful Nigel Lithgow is a Brit,  who goes back to the group called The Young Generation'.    Sorry US  friends if I've rabbited on about the Aussie lot, but they are worth it - and how!

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