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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chalcedony, hyacinth and sard

What about all those jewellers' lists of 'birthstones'? Are they actually accurate? Well, depends what you mean by 'accurate'. Often, they seem to have been made up by whoever happened to want to prpvde a list - but in any case, the waters are very muddy as far as 'accuracy' is concerned. There are ancient associations between particular stones and the zodiac signs, but they have been altered over the ages, and there's no really reliable list.. The oldest we have seems to been prepared by the German magician, occult writer, theologian, alchemist and astrologer Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in the 15th century, and it goes: Aries/sardonyx, Taurus/sard, Gemini/topaz, Cancer/chalcedony, Leo/jasper, Virgo/emerald, Libra/beryl, Scorpio/amethyst, Sagittarius/hyacinth, Capricorn/beryl, Aquarius/crystal, Pisces/sapphire. The most 'reliable' modern list, looking at various contemporayr sources, seems to be: Aries/diamond, Taurus/emerald, Gemini/agate, Cancer/pearl, Leo/ruby, Virgo/sardonx, Libra/sapphire, jade; Scorpio/opal, Sagittarius/topaz, Caricorn/turquoise, amethyst, Aquarius/auqamarine, Pisces/moonstone, bloodstone. Just thought you might be interested!

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