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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oh! Poor Rhian's wellies!

Julia's got a sad story for you today!     Well yes, and of course we are all very concerned about the worse than dreadful UK floods, and my friend Rhian who lives in South Wales told me that she treated herself to a rather special, cheering pair of lovely purple wellies!   The other morning she looked out and actually saw a bit of blue sky.   If it was big enough to make a pair of knickers then it would stay fine.   Obviously it wasn't, because all too soon came another weather horror - a hurricane -which  blew her lovely wellies completely away. She tells me she hopes that they traveled together on the wind because then at least anyone finding them would have a pair.   Well Wales bloggers or maybe Cornish,,German or Aussie bloggers for that matter - have they come your way???

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